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Corporate Travel

One of the major challenges facing many companies today is the control of business travel expenses. Contact us and let us demonstrate how a customized Travel Management Program will allow you to realize significant savings in your travel budget.

What We Can Do For You

  • Create, implement, and manage adherence to your company’s customized corporate travel policies. 


  • Provide 24/7 access to travel professionals trained in your company’s travel policies and procedures to expedite travel or last minute changes to reservations. 


  • Global real time access to online, state of the art technology giving you the choice to personally review or book reservations without the aid of a travel professional. 


  • Negotiate favorable pricing and coordinate reservations with travel vendors including hotel, rental car and side excursions.


  • Provide in depth knowledge analyses of travel data for high-level travel policy development and supplier negotiation.


With a variety of options available, we integrate live travel professionals with today’s advanced online tools to customize your travel program. You decide what balance of agent interaction and online self-booking technology meets your company’s budget. Each program is structured with your individual travelers in mind while consistently working to control and manage your travel budget. 


Dedicated In-House Travel Offices

Cardinal Travel Service specializes in establishing dedicated corporate in house travel offices, located on site at the customer’s location, dedicated to that customer’s exclusive use.


Let us show you how we can reduce your overall travel management costs through our customized programs.

The Benefits

  • A customized travel program allows you to decide on the options that will meet your company’s budget. 


  • Adherence to your corporate travel policy controls your company’s travel expenditures. 


  • A dedicated team of travel professionals creates immediate familiarity with your corporate culture, practices and policies. 


  • 24-7 access via the internet to real time schedules, last minute changes and sophisticated tracking reports, allowing you to effectively manage your travel program and budget. 


  • The capability to search all airfares, including discounted or internet fares, and the ability to void or reissue tickets for cancelled trips (within the airline guidelines) saves you money. 


  • A convenient, one stop shop for all of your employees is both effective and efficient. 


  • The ability to obtain seats on capacity controlled flights.

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