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We are committed to improving your travel experience by providing exceptional service from a dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals and we strive to meet all of our travelers' needs while maintaining our solid reputation as a trusted community partner.

Our state of the art reporting captures standardizes and warehouses travel information from multiple sources for a single, consolidated view of all travel expenditures incurred worldwide. 


Through the use of our global reporting tool Cardinal Travel can provide more than 120 standard reports and create an unlimited number of custom reports that provide you with up-to-the-minute travel spending details.

Online Booking Made Simple 

Our on line booking tool GetThere not only revolutionized how corporations book and manage travel, but launched a new and viable model for online travel procurement. This legacy of innovation and customer focus enables us to deliver an online system to our customers that results in real cost savings and high adoption rates. 


With GetThere you can… 


  • ​Book round trip, one way and multi-destination air travel online. 

  • Search for hotels and book them on line. 

  • Reserve rental cars online. 

  • Complete an itinerary and ticket it electronically. 

  • Create and modify traveler profiles. 

  • Create and use travel templates. 

  • View, modify, and cancel trips



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